The California Questers, located throughout the state, is an organization dedicated to the study, conservation and presentation of historical objects for the benefit of today and tomorrow.
A member of The Questers belongs to a local chapter consisting of at least eight members. A chapter meets once each month from September through May. In California there are 25 chapters and over 369 members.
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Education through research and study of antiques

At chapter meetings, the highlight of a meeting is a member organized presentation of a collection having historic significance. The presentation can be given by the member or by a local collector. Alternatively, a presentation may be conducted off-site, at a museum or historic site.

Members are anxious to search and to share their discoveries about historic objects, scheduled presentations and local acquisition events.

Preservation and restoration of artifacts, existing memorials, historic buildings, landmarks and education:

Questers support preservation and restoration of artifacts, memorials, landmarks, historic buildings and other items that keenly exhibit our heritage. These activities, called P&R in Questers circles, are a major focus of member activity and provide physical sites of educational importance to the community. P&R projects are funded by local chapters, Questers State or Questers International grants.

P&R projects have been completed throughout California. They include projects associated with the early history of California, the iconic Spanish missions, the agricultural development of our fertile valleys, the rough-and-tumble Gold Rush, the electronic technologies, as well as the
entertainment media industries associated with Hollywood.

Our projects have included the restoration of adobes, mission artifacts, an outhouse, a mining headquarters, migrant shacks, the headstones of local leaders, an organ in an old theater, as well as unexpected finds of art.

Projects are discovered and selected by the individual chapters, based on their locale which varies immensely. Projects that support educational programs for children are of special interest.

Always searching, always discovering, Questers are looking for new members who share their passion.